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Working principle of glass cleaning machine and precautions for using glass cleaning machine

Glass has good transmittance and light transmission properties, high chemical stability, and can obtain strong mechanical strength and thermal insulation effects according to different processing methods. Therefore, it can be used in various industries to meet different needs. Please see below for the cleaning working principle and usage precautions of the glass cleaning machine.
1. Working principle of glass cleaning machine
There are two types. One is to put the flat glass on the glass cleaning machine, and then the driving roller will carry the glass into the scrubbing chamber, where it will be scrubbed by a brush sprayed with water. Then it will enter the flushing chamber, rinse with pure water, and then enter the air-drying chamber. Use a special high-pressure blower to completely peel off the water film to achieve a dry and clean cleaning effect. This type of glass cleaning machine is characterized by energy saving, but it is noisy. There is also a type that only uses breeze after passing through the scrubbing chamber and rinsing chamber. , coupled with the electric drying system, achieves dry and clean cleaning effects, which are characterized by high power consumption and low noise.
Glass cleaning machines are also divided into vertical and horizontal types. The vertical type has a smaller footprint and lower work efficiency, while the horizontal type has a slightly larger footprint and higher work efficiency.
glass cleaning machine
2. Precautions for using glass cleaning machine
(1) Be sure to turn on the blower first and then the heater. Turn off the heater first, then the blower.

(2) When the thickness of the glass plate changes, be sure to adjust the height of the wind knife first, otherwise it will cause damage.

(3) Before stopping the transmission motor, be sure to lower the speed regulator to zero.

(4) There is an emergency stop button on the console, which can be used in case of emergency.

(5) The glass must be placed within the limit range of the feeding section.

(6) When adding tap water to the washing water tank, the water level cannot exceed 250MM. When the water level is lower than 200MM, water must be added in time.

Post time: May-28-2024