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Do you know how to use a glass drilling machine?

1. When drilling glass, the lower drill bit is easy to crush the glass, so when drilling thin glass, the pressure must be adjusted very low, which can vary within the range of 0.18~03MPa. When drilling thick glass, the pressure can rise to about 0.46MPa. .
2. Before starting each shift, lubricating oil should be injected into each oil injection part, and the tightness of the belt should be checked, whether there are any abnormalities in the operation of the upper and lower drill shafts, and whether the drill bit is worn. Work can only be started after everything is normal.
3. The core material in the material receiving drawer should be cleaned in time, otherwise too much material core accumulation will jam the material receiving device. Especially when drilling large holes with a diameter greater than 100mmj, the drill should be cleaned every few holes drilled.
4. When cleaning the core material, the material catcher should be in the material receiving position so that the material receiving drawer can be pulled out smoothly. Therefore, when cleaning the core material, the drill bit must be started to rotate. At this time, the material catcher will be in the material receiving position and can be easily cleaned. Core
glass drilling machine
1. Pay attention to safety when debugging and using. Do not touch moving parts or live parts when starting the machine.
2. Do not place tools and other objects on the conveyor guide rails and covers.
3. In case of emergency, immediately press the “emergency stop” button or pull down the air switch.
4. Keep the water tank with sufficient cooling water and clean water quality at all times to avoid burning the grinding wheel and glass, and promptly clean the grinding impurities in the inlet and outlet water pipes to keep the waterways open.
5. Before each shift of grinding work, check whether all travel switches are working normally and whether the control direction is correct. If it is incorrect or the control direction is wrong, stop the machine immediately for inspection, otherwise the machine will be fatally damaged.
6. Motor temperature: less than or equal to ambient temperature +50℃.

Note: The method comes from the Internet, and is specifically based on the machine instructions.

Post time: May-27-2024