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How to choose the right glass straight line beveling machine?

Glass straight line beveling machine is one of the earliest and largest amount of mechanical equipment produced in glass deep processing equipment.


1. The motor of the glass straight line beveling machine is the most important, and its precision requirements are also very high. Generally good machines are equipped with ABB motors.


2. The front and rear splints must be flat as a whole. The unevenness means that the splints are not the same size or the screws are not tightened. When purchasing, pay attention to the measurement. The flatness error must be controlled within 0.02mm to ensure the straightness of the beveling machine.


  1. 3.  The front and rear beams must be absolutely straight, and the base, column, grinding head, etc. must be castings. If it is not a casting, the welded parts have poor rigidity, and the whole opportunity is easy to loose.


4. The transmission method of the beveling machine is best to select the bearing transmission, because the chain transmission machine, the bearing is easy to enter the water and the glass powder is easy to wear, the service life is short, and it is not durable.


5. A reputed and experienced machine manufacturer can guranteen qualifed machines and good service.


So when we buy glass beveled machinery, we should pay more attention to the requirements of construction, which can reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles for the future use of the mechanical process. 

Post time: Aug-10-2020